Call for papers

Authors are invited to submit full papers describing latest original research findings, in the areas of interest that include, but not limited to the following conference tracks:

Active Devices and Circuits
Signal generation, Low-noise and high power devices and circuits, Envelope tracking technologies, Pre-distorters, UHF and VHF technologies, Wide band-gap devices, Microwave tubes, rectennas, modulation and frequency control circuits, microwave photonics devices and systems, MMICs on GaAs, SiGe, GaN, RFICs, MMIC manufacturing, failure analysis, yield and cost, mm-wave, sub-millimetre wave and THz devices and circuits for applications including imaging and sensing.

Passive Components
Transmission line elements, Waveguides and striplines, Couplers and combiners, Innovative synthesis of multiband and broadband filters, Resonators, Non-planar passive filters and multiplexers, Active, tunable and integrated filters, Microwave acoustic devices – SAW, BAW FBAR devices, Thin film ferrite and ferroelectric devices, MEMS components and technologies, Optical components, Metamaterials, LTCC Devices.

Field, Device and Circuit Technologies
Device and circuit modeling including linear and non-linear device and structure modeling, Design optimization including EM, multi-physics and statistics-based modeling, Time- and frequency-domain techniques, Novel guiding structures for nanotechnology applications, Advanced material applications including RF nanotechnology, measurement and calibration methods of novel materials, carbon nanomaterial–based and devices.

Systems and Applications
Mobile and wireless communication systems – wireless system architecture, 4G/LTE/LTE-A/5G systems, WLAN/WiFi/WPAN/WBAN-DTV systems, High speed digital circuits and signal integrity, Mixed mode and digital signal processing circuits and systems, MIMO, SDR and cognitive systems, Broadcasting technologies, RFID systems and devices, mm-Wave communication systems, EMC and EMI, Wireless power transfer and energy harvesting. Packaging and interconnects – novel interconnect materials, advanced dielectrics and substrates, assembly methods, 3-D printing and interconnects. Biological effects and medical applications – EM field interaction with biological materials, microwave characterization of biological materials, RF instrumentation for healthcare, MRI and microwave imaging, non-destructive testing techniques.

Antennas and Propagation
Scattering and propagation, channel modeling, Planar antennas, mm-Wave/THz antennas, Broadband and multiband antennas, active, reconfigurable antennas, Antenna measurement and instrumentation. Radar, Remote sensing and Satellite communication systems and components.

Emerging Technologies and Applications
Wearable technologies for Internet of Things, wearable devices and systems, wearable computing, smart technologies. 3D RF and microwave components.